Tips to Update Your Existing Living Into Modern Living

Modern LivingHome renovations can be a messy and costly affair. For some of us, renovation may not be an option due to budget limitations or other factors. So how do you update your existing living into modern living? There are several easy tricks to change the appearance of your home without the renovation mess. These are simple tips to update your interiors and give them a modern look. Read on…

Update your home with window dressing

Look beyond those dated curtains hanging around your home. These days there are several window covering options that can transform your home from drab to fab. Consider using blinds instead of curtains. These are available in a variety of colours and styles to match your interiors. Changing the window coverings is a simple and cheap way to update your existing living room to a modern one.

A fresh coat of paint

With the passing years the existing paintwork becomes dull and boring to look at. A fresh coat of paint does the trick of enlivening the place in an inexpensive way. While you are at it, consider using bright colours on a few of the walls or to highlight a particular area. You might even move around items of furniture to change the appearance of the room.

Wallpaper it…

Some trendy wallpapers with modern designs and amazing graphics are now available in the market. They are easily affixed and removable as well. Some varieties are reusable too, so you can think of alternating them with the existing wallpapers after some time. Wallpapers help you update your home instantly without much work.

Change the light fixtures

One of the easiest ways to update your interior is to update the light fixtures. Electrical fittings and fixtures usually keep up with the times. Your existing light fixtures may now be outdated and need replacement. Go for the appealing modern designs that ensure bright lighting.

Spring clean to clear away the clutter

If you’re not really looking to spend on refurbishing your home, just give it a nice clean-up. You might be amazed at just how neat your living space looks once the clutter and unwanted knick-knacks are out of the way. Perhaps, that was all that was needed to infuse a fresh appeal to your home. Embrace the minimalistic approach for a modern look.

If you’re planning to update your existing living into a modern living, consider a few new pieces of Cheap Bedroom Furniture or home ware from Annandale Interiors, Sydney. Adding a touch of class to your home was never easier – just pick out a beautiful piece from the huge collection of Modern Furniture Store Online and traditional furniture from the catalogue at or get custom designed and made furniture for your home.

AnnandaleInteriors: Home Decorator Secrets To The Latest Styles

Annandale InteriorsThe secret to a well-appointed room lies in the skills of the home decorator or interior designer. These are professionals who look at the room and instantly know what will work well in the space. They are able to coordinate colour, accessories, furniture and other items flawlessly to create a beautiful home. When decorating your home, you might just be able to manage a living room or bedroom but the rest of the spaces may prove a challenge. But, here are some home decorator secrets that can help you turn your home in keeping with the latest styles.

No overcrowding of furniture:

Some folks go overboard with their purchases and end up with several items of furniture and knick-knacks which they want to display in the room. This practice only serves to overcrowd the room which makes it look small and heavy. Clean lines with minimal accessories give the room an open look which is what you need to achieve.

Keep an eye on the paintwork:

Choosing a colour scheme for your home is fun, though keep in mind that the theme must match the overall furniture and fixtures. Bold colours add a touch of brightness to the room, but you could use a certain shade to focus attention or create a cosy corner.

Do away with the clutter:

Over the years, the clutter tends to accumulate. Try to get rid of unwanted items, but if you don’t want to discard them, put them away so that they do not mar the overall appearance of the room.

Add some unique pieces of furniture:

One simple home decorator secret to the latest style is to pick up an item of furniture or accessories that will give your home a creative look. Your home interiors reflect your personality and adding a unique piece of art or furniture says it all. Annandale Interiors, Australia have an extensive collection of unique Cheap Bedroom Accessories in the latest styles. Browse through the site and you might just find the right piece to complete the room.

Light fixtures are an important accessory:

Get a unique light fixture for that empty space above the dining table or choose a chandelier that will focus attention and brighten up the space. Check out the range of products available at Annandale Interiors online or visit their showroom for more.

Annandale Interiors specialises in custom made and custom designed furniture and Bedroom Furniture Accessories. An entire range of furniture for all your home spaces is available. In fact, you can ask for a site visit and get a free quote on custom designed furniture and fixtures for your home. Annandale Interiors offers the best quality leather and timber products in Australia along with quick after sales service.

Coco Dining Chair- Functionality of the Design

Coco Dining ChairCoco Dining Chairs provide a chic new look to dining. The Coco Dining chair is design by the OEO Studio and plays a dynamic role in the Coco collection. These chairs though extremely fashionably appealing, brings more than just a good look to your dining experience. The Coco Dining Chairs bring a wide variety of comforting functionality to your evening dinner.

The Backrest

Some of the traditional dining chairs provide back rest that are as rigid and discomforting as their names, which range from spindle to top rail. The Coco Dining Chair provides a backrest that is soft and comforting. It is designed in such a way that the backrest gives the impression of a soft hug, around your back, adding comfort to your dining experience.

The iron rails, though used more for functionality than comfort, provide no inconvenience in your pleasurable dining experience. What it merely does is its job, which is keeping your back firmly supported so you can focus on enjoying your meal.

The Seat

The seat of the Coco Dining Chair provides a soft cushiony vacation for your well deserving cheeks. With Coco Dining chairs you gain exposure to a new dining experience; good food, good seat, good vibes.

The Legs

The Coco Dining Chair legs are made of sturdy material that is guaranteed to keep you upright through the duration of your meal. They provide a support that can withstand over three hundred pounds, ensuring that an instantaneous fall will never make its way on the menu.

The Size

The size of the Coco Dining Chair provides an ease of portability. Therefore if you ever find yourself hosting a fancy event, such as a wedding, the Coco Dining Chairs will ensure that both the guests and the wedding party has a stylish and comforting dining experience.

The Weight

The Coco Dining Chairs provide easy portability not only because of its size, but also because of its weight. The Coco Homestead Chair is expertly designed to hold a wide range of functionality in a dynamically portable device.


The Coco Dining Chair is a fashionable, comfortable, portable masterpiece; that has the potential of creating an out of body dining experience at a reasonable cost. With the Coco Dining Chair dinners in front of a television is in great danger of losing its appeal. Coco Dining Chairs makes family dinners an event to look forward to. Who said fashion had to be painful? Coco Executive Desk Chair has changed the entire perception of the fashion world. Become the first of your friends to dine in style and comfort with Coco Dining Chairs.

AnnanDaleInteriors – Take A Journey Towards Creating Your Beautiful Home

AnnanDale InteriorsOne of the most important financial investments that an individual/family makes in their lives is a home. Being able to purchase a home not only shows that one is taking the next step in life but a greater responsibility overall. When it comes to investing in a home, there are a wide variety of factors that an individual has to pay attention to. Today we are going to cover the interior and exterior furniture design of your home with amazing options and details to keep in mind.

At AnnanDale Interiors we specialize in providing modern furniture for homeowners. Whether this is your very first home or not, we believe in making sure that you can be as creative as you would like with how your home looks. This is an important part of your life as your home should be a place where you feel at peace and happy. When you decide to inquire about the style and products that we have a valuable, we are confident that you will fall in love and see your dream home come together quickly.

When it comes to owning a home, you want it to reflect your personality and the preferences that you have. There are a variety of elements that you have to take into consideration when creating the interior design of your beautiful home. Designing your home should be a fun experience that allows you to be as creative as you would like.

We take great pride in knowing that our clients have designed their homes with the Modern Furniture Sydney that we provide. It is our mission to make sure that you feel comfortable with not only the furniture we offer but our prices as well. It is of the utmost importance that you do not feel as if you have to break the bank to turn your vision into reality. We have traveled the world in search for only the highest quality and durable Modern Furniture Online with luxurious aesthetics to it.

Are you prepared to begin creating your dream home with our team? We are excited and humble to know that you have chosen us to assist with creating your brand new dream home. You can contact our team via phone during business hours at (02) 9565 1275. We are open Monday – Saturday 10am-5pm and on Sunday at 11am-5pm where you can visit our showrooms as well.

If you would like to contact our team via e-mail, that is also available at your discretion. Feel free to visit our website where you can fill out our quick form and inquire our team with as much or as little details as you would like.

Provincial Bedroom Suite – Contemporary Design With A Timeless Appeal

Provincial Bedroom SuiteIn this day and age, old is new and every modern design can be taken a step further with antiques or antique-inspired designs and pieces. Nothing says “charming”, like mixing classic concepts into the present-day home and creating a space that exudes a different and extraordinary style. The best place to achieve the perfect is in one’s bedroom. Who says your bedroom should only be for sleeping and nothing else? Why can’t you make a statement without sticking to one theme? Enjoy the end of your day in a room that’s for duty AND for beauty. It’s time to think about what you’ll see when you wake up and start your day in extravagance and comfort. Your bedroom is the best place to play with different combinations, colors and much more!

What better way to exhibit the meeting of two eras than with a French Provincial Bedroom Suite?

Why a French Provincial Bedroom Suite?

Think of this bedroom suite as a new take on the french homes once owned by provincial aristocrats (as the name suggests) before the 19th century. The decorations and ornaments were slightly less lavish than those of the wealthy but are still rich in both design compositions and colors. Why not recreate the abundant feel of France in your bedroom?

Best Features include the choice of:

• Colors
The color schemes often that time consist of simple pastel colors that can easily be matched with contemporary neutral colors or used to soften bolder color choices.

• Fabric
Enjoy warm and soothing fabrics such as woven wool, linen, and cotton with embroidered accents and designs along pieces such as pillows and other upholstered items. Bring different dimensions into your bedroom with the textures with these natural fibers in softened colors.

• Furniture
As much of the furniture in that era was handmade during this period, great quality bed frames, along with other furniture had a crafty and urban style with glamorous curves carved and etched for a beautiful piece. Wooden pieces and bronze/brass features will help to recreate the French looks for your room while blending in with other possible contemporary wooden pieces.

No need to look further than Annandale Interiors for your own Provincial Bedroom Suite!

At Annandale Interiors, you can easily get this touch French luxury Modern Online Furniture to your getaway. You never have to worry about uniqueness, ass they have a collection of hardware pieces for your home and style consultations to ensure you get the right finish every time. Make a statement that shows class and style to normally simplistic room.

Before, you settle for any old bed and any design, consider the perfect meeting between old and new and add a Provincial Bedroom Suite and escape to an old French abode every night.

Few Things to Remember Before Buying A New Recliner Chair

Recliner ChairWhen you are looking to purchase a new recliner chair, you may be tempted by style, price, and many other aspects surrounding a specific make and model. However, before you set your heart on buying a new recliner chair, there are a few things you should take into consideration.

Choose a Size for Your new Recliner

By analyzing how much space you actually have to dedicate to a new recliner chair, you will reduce the number of options that tempt you.

Choose Comfort; Along with Durability

Even if you are tempted to save a few dollars by purchasing a cheaper model, you will want to first look at durability and comfort. Choosing high-quality fabric, leather, metals, and wood – which all recliners are built from, you will ensure your new purchase will last you for a long time. Saving a few dollars is not worth the risk of buying a recliner that will break long before its more expensive counterpart.

Choose a New Recliner Based on Existing Decor

Now that you can purchase recliners in almost any style, it should not be hard to find one that matches your current décor. If you need to, take pictures of the room you plan to put it in, and the furniture that it will be sitting within the room. This may help you to narrow down your options.

Don’t Ignore Your “Must-Have Features”

Everyone has a list of “must-have” features when it comes to a recliner. If you are not sure what your list should consist of, do some online research to determine what your options are. Do you need full body support? Maybe you need lumbar support? Do you need a Belmont Dining Chair that cradles your head and neck when you are in a reclining position? Make sure to add these things to your must-have list.

What if you are not picky?

If you are not picky about the features your recliner comes with, choose a classic Cheap Bedroom Furniture model. Even they come in countless styles to choose from. You can easily choose one that matches your current home décor. If you do not have a specific home décor, and your current furniture seems like a mix and match set, you should keep in mind that your personal décor may change over time. If you plan to keep your new recliner around for a long time, purchase one that will suit any type of home décor.

Just like everything in your life, the things around you may change. However, your recliner does not have to leave when your personal taste changes. If the color you chose does not match with your future furniture choices, you can easily buy a slipcover to change the appearance of your new recliner.

AnnanDaleInteriors-Finding the Perfect Piece at The Perfect Price

AnnanDale InteriorsChanging homes, redecorating your home or workplace can be a stress-filled adventure. When you add in having to choose the perfect pieces of furniture to complete your home, how much is too much? Sometimes people will pick out furniture that looks cute but is cheap. This can hurt your wallet in the end because cheap prices do not mean good quality.

Annandale Interiors has a vast variety of furniture to choose from. Their 30 years of experience offers their customers piece of mind when going in to choose the right piece(s) of furniture. They are available 7 days a week and have several locations for you to explore. Keep the following tips below as a checklist when looking for the perfect piece for the perfect price.

• Free Quotes

When you are looking to add pieces of furniture to your home, getting a free quote from a reliable furniture company is important. You can establish a budget before you purchase any furniture while getting expert advice from a company such as Annandale’s.

• Quality furniture

Quality is key when choosing the perfect piece for the perfect price. Annandale’s offers high-quality materials such as leather and timber. Great quality means long lasting, which can save you a ton of money in the future. Why buy cheap, when you can buy comfort?

• Sales/Promotion

Buying furniture on sale or in a promotion does not mean that they are poor quality or unwanted items. Buying sales or promotional items can be a way to save money but also promote the company’s furniture. If you enjoy the piece that you have purchased, why not become a permanent customer.

• Custom-made

When people see the words custom-made, they automatically think big bucks! However, that does not have to be the case and is often not true. Custom made Interior Design Shops Sydney is tailored to your every need and want. You can choose a price range, product material, and with the help of Annandale’s furniture company, you can piece together the perfect piece of furniture for you.

• Wedding registry

Weddings can be expensive. Let’s not forget that you need to furnish your home unless you want to sleep on the floor. Finding the perfect piece of furniture is ideal when building a future with someone. Annandale’s can help choose the right style of furniture you want without decreasing your wedding guests wallet size.

Your personal style and taste can shine through in your choice of furniture. Annandale’s offers unique and inspiring pieces of Java Bedside Table furniture that can fit everyone’s personal style. No matter what room, style, or workplace you need to fill with furniture, remember that quality is key! The perfect piece of furniture is the one that fits your personal style as well as your budget.