Annandale Interiors Provides Home Interior Decorating Products On A Budget

Home Interior Decorating ProductsYou would be forgiven if you assumed that awesome home interiors need loads of money. Fact is, at Annandale Interior Furniture retailers provides awesome home interior decorating products on a budget. Let’s check them out.

A lovely home is a home that has harmonious interiors with elegant and fitting interior decorating products that reflect the taste and personality of the people who live in it. At Annandale Interior Furniture retailers, there are endless possibilities in mix-and-match furniture sets, designs and ideas on home interior decorating products.

Annandale Interior Furniture retailers have furniture and home interior decorating products for social gatherings, living room spaces, library and study rooms, children’s rooms, patio furniture and so forth. They have traditional and elegant furniture too. So depending on your budget, you can choose home interior decorating products that suit your budget and your style or requirement and functional needs.

To feel inspired, just visit and check out their awesome collection of interior decorating products on a budget. These products could be for your living room or study room – the website provides you pictures and ideas that help you to choose interior decorating products to design or renovate your home or office space. The website will also help you choose the right material, colour and furniture needed to make your home or office a better place.

For example, if you want to design your living room, you could use carpets and furniture combinations that help balance the room and its functionality. Not all rooms are large. For smaller rooms you could choose furniture that gives the impression of space. The right balance of home interior décor products and furnishings create a wonderful, relaxing atmosphere.

Annandale Interior Furniture retailers sell furniture in a wide variety of colours but primarily concentrate on rich mahogany colours because it suits Australia. But you can choose furniture and home interior décor products in a wide range of colours to create a balanced atmosphere. Similarly furnishing complimented with rugs or carpets will create a comfortable and soft surface for the colder months.

If you are lucky enough to own a country style home than Annandale Interior Furniture retailers is the right place to source your home furniture. Large dining tables and Coco Dining Chair in a wide range of designs and materials are available for your pleasure.

Annandale Interior Furniture retailers also retail small sized elegant furniture on a budget. These are ideal for small sized rooms such as those in studio apartments. Select from amongst elegant, small but highly functional furniture and interior decorating products that add a great deal of style and functionality to your home.

Whatever be your requirement or need, Annandale Interior provides Modern Classic Furniture on a budget. Do visit their website here:


Modern And Classy Chinese Coffee Table – Annandale Interiors

Chinese Coffee TableFor those are not too sure what a Chinese Coffee Table is, it an extremely elegantly wooden (usually heavy), ornate short, small and rectangular table that is usually placed in the middle of a room. Come, let us examine why the Chinese Coffee Table has become such a rage and a much sought after item at Annandale interiors.

In days gone by, the Chinese made a special small, rectangular squat table that was used to serve tea on. The richer folks had a more elaborately made wooden table replete with rich carvings and decorations inlaid with copper, brass, silver, gold or ivory (depending on the status of the individual or family). On the longer of the rectangular sides (or on all sides depending on the number of guests), elegant mats were placed on the floor. The poorer families had ornate coffee tables made from bamboo. They might not have been inlaid with precious metals or ivory but they were no less decorative and elegant.

Once the guests were seated, the tea tray would be placed in the centre of the table and would be ritually served by the host. The modern and classy Chinese Coffee table hasn’t changed much but functionality in the form of felt lined drawers have been added. So you can store cutlery items in the drawers. Of course, you could store anything else and not necessarily use the table just for tea or coffee. In fact, you could use it for anything else you had in mind. And of course, the Chinese Coffee table is not called “Coffee table” but was originally the Chinese “tea table” (as opposed to the European Tea Table), and is now called the “Coffee table” because in the west, coffee rather than tea is linked to tradition.

The modern and classy Chinese Coffee Table need is available at Annandale Interiors – Australia’s premium furniture retailer. See here: The modern and classy Chinese coffee table as sold at Annandale Interiors is rectangular but it need not also be so. While being broadly rectangular in shape, it can also be carved into other shapes and you could have one custom designed and monogrammed too – imagine a heavy, ornate Chinese coffee table with your monogram in Gold or Silver in the middle of the table – now wouldn’t that be a power statement to behold?

These days many Australians have opted for a formal coffee table in their living room. These coffee tables are a bit higher but nevertheless lower than the normal living room centre pieces. A Chinese ornate coffee table with brass, copper, silver or gold inlays would go very well in a traditionally styled home and room – especially one with traditional furniture and the Chinese Coffee table would be the centre of attraction.

Modern Classic Furniture being sold at Annandale Interiors is made from solid wood, has Mahogany dark brown polish, ornate design and elegant inlays. It has 6 drawers, is 150 x 100 x 40cm and can be seen here:

Create A Stylish & Luxury Home With Kingston Bedside Table

Kingston Bedside TableA stylish and luxury home says you’ve ‘arrived’ to the World. A stylish and luxury home stands out immediately and becomes the talk of any party you care to throw. Your friends begin to compare the furniture they buy with the furniture they’ve seen at your home and the Kingston bedside table is just one such item that adds to the sheer classical luxury of your beautiful home.

Let’s face it – it is no longer a sin to aim big, aim for wealth or aim for luxury. You work day and night to earn big money for what? Certainly not so some distant unseen relative can inherit your wealth. In today’s world, luxury is is fashionable and acquiring opulent and luxury items such as the Kingston bedside table is a part of it.

Your home already has the softest of fabrics, upholster walls and exclusive fine materials such as precious wood, premium marble, premium selection of granites, brass, copper and fine quality custom glazed glass. To compliment your stylish and luxury home, the Kingston bedside table blends in superbly well right alongside your elegant top-of-the-line custom designed King sized bed.

Folks looking for inspiration and decorating tips for their luxury homes and apartments should visit Australia’s premier luxury furniture and custom made furniture online outlet (along with brick-and-mortar luxury furniture shops in Sydney). Annandale Interiors stocks only the best of finest – unique pieces of furniture crafted by true masters. No friends will be able to say they too own a similar piece because if they do, you would know that would not be true.

The Kingston bedside table would go well with an number of interior décor schemes including the Turkish design homes that look like a gallery – with pieces from designers and Turkish artists and antiques. The Kingston bedside table set is classic yet modern at the same time, local in feature but international in styling. It has sheer elegance of yesteryear – contemporary in style, permeates the luxurious quality and feel dominated by soft and clear tones shades of masterfully applied polish – a true work of art.

The opulence of the Kingston beside table would gel just as well in a London style luxury home. With English furniture brand Buster & Punch an its glam language, use of wood runners, metal structures windows and dark colours shades in upholstery and classic woodwork. Place the Kingston beside table next to your chairs and ottoman in tufted or right next to the queen sized elegant bed – it just ads to create a stylish and Classic Modern Furniture.

So, place the Kingston beside table in your classic house furnished with luxury materials and let the natural light enhanced it’s beauty. There’s also a lot more than just the Kingston beside table to choose from. Please visit Australia’s premier luxury furniture and custom made furniture outlet for more information on Cityscape Coffee Table.

Is Custom Furniture The Legitimate Choice For Your Home?

Custom FurnitureA home needs to be special and unique because it is you – it identifies you and is intimately connected with who you are. Custom furniture has to be the legitimate choice for your home – how else otherwise would your interiors match who you are?

Here then are the reasons as to why custom furniture has to be the legitimate choice for your home:

Your home, you and your sense of style are inter related. Notice how some homes are sparsely furnished with bare essentials instead you might find other things in such homes like fancy gadgets for example. This home then identifies with the person living in it – it defines who that person is.

Then there are other homes that contain luxurious furniture with soft cushions and amazing range of upholstery – again, it defines the taste and social standing of the folks living in it. And then there are people with homes and furnishing s that are totally unique and not to be found in any other home i.e. they have custom furniture made.

There was a time when custom furniture used to be expensive. Not any longer. Today, you can get made-to-order custom furniture for little more than the price of factory made furniture. Okay, it might be as cheap as Ikea but hey, it’s well within reach of all reasonably well-off individuals.

The arrival of immigrants and lots of carpenters amongst them has opened up a whole sea of opportunities to get rid of your factory made furniture and bring in furniture that you yourself have designed – furniture that will suit your style and your home.

For example, did you notice a fantastic piece of furniture in someone’s home? Well, you could go one up and create your own even better design designer piece and have it crafted for you and delivered at your address in no time at all. It’s a perfect fit. Creating that piece of furniture you so desired is now within your grasp. Go ahead and upgrade your home and watch your friends go ga-ga over your new custom furniture and wonder where you got all the money from?

Modern Classic Furniture is unique in design and the piece that you design is all you – no one else will say they have an identical piece because you will know that can’t be true. Your own custom furnishing is 100% personal. Designed by you and made for you. It’s a total quality piece.

Custom made furniture always gets attention – people whisper wondering how much you might have spent on it and how it goes so well with your décor. So go ahead, put your designer hat on, create a design and get master craftsmen like Australia’s Designer Bedroom Furniture Sydney and custom made furniture outlet; to create it for you.

Find The Best Custom Made Furniture In Sydney That Suits Your Needs

Custom Made FurnitureFinding the best custom made furniture in Sydney that suits your needs should be easy right? – Wrong! Read why.

These days you’ll notice more than one store offering so called “custom made” furniture. But the moment you give them your design or upload it they come back trying to entice you with the nearest ready-made variation they can find in their store. If they can’t find anything like it or if you insist on the exact same furniture as your design guess what? You just don’t hear from them again which will leave you wondering what the custom made furniture was all about.

Truth is, most of these furniture outlets are little better than scamsters selling cheap Chinese imports. So there’s two ways you can go about it – either try all the so called “custom made” furniture outlets one by one or, directly go to Australia’s premier luxury furniture and custom made furniture outlet.

Rightly, custom furniture has a reputation for being expensive but here’s a secret people haven’t got to yet – the recent immigrant influx into Australia has not only brought a lot of carpenters but these carpenters are from different countries including Indonesia, Burma, Thailand and even India. These carpenters have found ready employment at Australia’s premium furniture shop so not only have prices of custom made furniture been brought down (labour cost being the bulk of it), these shops now offer furniture in Burmese, Taiwanese, Philippines and Indian styles.

So, while you can still pickup choice ready-made furniture in these styles to suit your needs, tastes and home décor, you could also order the best custom made furniture that suits your needs right here in Sydney.

If your study has a odd-shaped corner you could order custom made corner table that will fit that location. Imagine a lamp on it or your telephone or a photo album. One look and your friends will know it that table was custom made. You can order intricately carved furniture – imagine your child loves dolphins and your gift her a table with dolphins carved on it. Ordinarily searching for a table like that could take an eternity but today you can custom order such a Cityscape Coffee Table.

When it comes to ready-made furniture, you sometimes simply don’t get what you need. For example a couch that is not too soft so that your back problem is not exasperated? You could order it made to your exact specifications. This is what we meant by custom made furniture in Sydney that suits your needs. Australia’s premier Modern Classic Furniture and custom made furniture outlet will provide you with a free, no-obligation quotation for any custom furniture enquiry. Once the order is confirmed, it usually takes two or three weeks (depending on the size of the order). The completed furniture can even be shipped to any location in Australia. So don’t hesitate, any design you have in mind can be turned into a reality.

The Difference Between Contemporary and Modern Furniture

Modern FurnitureThe terms “modern” and “contemporary” are often used interchangeably to denote something that is current or present day. However, in the parlance of interior designing and furniture, these two terms are completely different. Contemporary means existing or living at the same time, or a current trend, style or fashion. Modern furniture on the other hand defines furniture or interiors of a style that existed in the 1920’s that went on to the 1950’s.

There are many differences between contemporary and modern furniture. Contemporary furniture is one that is popular and used right now. It incorporates designs and styles that are currently the trend. These styles could be borrowed from different eras or periods. As such, contemporary furniture could also be designed in the modern style, that is it could incorporate designs from the late 1800’s to the beginning of the 1900’s and the later period.

Modern furniture design on the other hand follows clean lines, that is, it is light and open giving an airy, uncluttered feel to the interiors. In modern furniture, you wouldn’t generally find ornate, solid pieces that would give a compact, heavy look. Neutral colour schemes are used in modern furniture with a focus on natural materials like wood, leather, linen and wool.

Since contemporary furniture designs borrow from different periods of time, unlike the clean straight lines of modern furniture, you would find curved and in-ornate designs. Contemporary furniture that borrowed from the modern style became very popular during the 1970’s and 80’s.

Modern furniture design follows a strict designing style with straight lines, natural or neutral colours and a clean uncluttered look. Contemporary furniture on the other hand comes in a variety of designs although it still follows the smooth and clean look.

Despite the minimalistic approach taken by modern furniture styles, it is far from being cold and severe. That’s because it relies heavily on warm and neutral colours which come from natural materials. Contemporary furniture can in fact move through the whole spectrum of colours so you can have pieces in bold contrasting shades as well as the starkness of black and white.

Although there are differences between contemporary and modern furniture, both styles favour the clean lines and smooth reflective metal or glass surfaces. Your sofas, Cane Single Chair, beds and Ottomans are lifted above ground on open legs giving the room an airy feel.

To conclude, it can be said that the biggest difference between contemporary and modern furniture is that contemporary furniture keeps changing according to the times but the modern design style never changes.

Visit Annandale Interiors at for a variety of Modern Classic Furniture in wood, leather and fabric. Decorate your home in the latest contemporary style or choose the warm and neat lines of the modern style.

Redefine Your Home Decor With Belmont Dining Chair

Belmont Dining ChairThe Belmont dining chair is a classic piece of furniture to have in your home. Being a part of the dining set, it redefines your home décor to the modern styles that blend with any type of furnishings that you may choose. The Belmont dining chair is a timeless piece of furniture. With its simple, clean lines it does not look out of place, whether you use it in the living room or the bedroom to create a small seating arrangement.

The Belmont dining chair is a beautiful and practical piece of modern furniture. It can easily be used as a stand alone chair in the corner of a room where seating is required, but you don’t find a suitable piece. It is a sturdy design that also serves a practical purpose of making up a complete dining table set.

At the Annandale Interiors furniture store in Sydney, you can choose from a variety of modern pieces that have a unique appearance but can carry off the contemporary theme to perfection. Elegant, stylish furniture in leather, timber and textiles from Annandale Interiors can help you create your dream home in the shortest possible time.

There is a huge range of furniture available today and Annandale Interiors stocks most of the items at their store in Sydney. The Belmont dining chair is however, made to order to suit your interior décor. Made up of a wooden frame, it is a straight backed chair upholstered in either vinyl or fabric in a colour of your choice.

The team at Annandale Interiors ensures that the furniture you have ordered is up to your expectations. Towards that end, a team of experts will work with you on the design, style and development of the product so that it matches or blends with your existing interiors and reflects your taste.

Annandale Interiors carries products for the living room, the bedroom and dining room that includes sofa sets, various types of chairs, tables, side boards, cupboards and beds all made from kiln dried timber. High quality leather is used to upholster sofa sets and dining chairs. The same goes for fabric upholstery. They also carry an exclusive range of home ware and light fixtures that are sure to complement your home interiors.

The store has earned a reputation for supplying quality products that guarantee customer satisfaction. If you wish to purchase unique, but Classic Modern Furniture for your home, take a look at the Annandale store in Sydney. Even if you don’t find what you’re looking for, they can custom design it for you according to your specifications.

Visit the store or go to the website for more Modern Furniture Stores Sydney and styles to choose from.