AnnandaleInteriors: Home Decorator Secrets To The Latest Styles

Annandale InteriorsThe secret to a well-appointed room lies in the skills of the home decorator or interior designer. These are professionals who look at the room and instantly know what will work well in the space. They are able to coordinate colour, accessories, furniture and other items flawlessly to create a beautiful home. When decorating your home, you might just be able to manage a living room or bedroom but the rest of the spaces may prove a challenge. But, here are some home decorator secrets that can help you turn your home in keeping with the latest styles.

No overcrowding of furniture:

Some folks go overboard with their purchases and end up with several items of furniture and knick-knacks which they want to display in the room. This practice only serves to overcrowd the room which makes it look small and heavy. Clean lines with minimal accessories give the room an open look which is what you need to achieve.

Keep an eye on the paintwork:

Choosing a colour scheme for your home is fun, though keep in mind that the theme must match the overall furniture and fixtures. Bold colours add a touch of brightness to the room, but you could use a certain shade to focus attention or create a cosy corner.

Do away with the clutter:

Over the years, the clutter tends to accumulate. Try to get rid of unwanted items, but if you don’t want to discard them, put them away so that they do not mar the overall appearance of the room.

Add some unique pieces of furniture:

One simple home decorator secret to the latest style is to pick up an item of furniture or accessories that will give your home a creative look. Your home interiors reflect your personality and adding a unique piece of art or furniture says it all. Annandale Interiors, Australia have an extensive collection of unique Cheap Bedroom Accessories in the latest styles. Browse through the site and you might just find the right piece to complete the room.

Light fixtures are an important accessory:

Get a unique light fixture for that empty space above the dining table or choose a chandelier that will focus attention and brighten up the space. Check out the range of products available at Annandale Interiors online or visit their showroom for more.

Annandale Interiors specialises in custom made and custom designed furniture and Bedroom Furniture Accessories. An entire range of furniture for all your home spaces is available. In fact, you can ask for a site visit and get a free quote on custom designed furniture and fixtures for your home. Annandale Interiors offers the best quality leather and timber products in Australia along with quick after sales service.


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