AnnandaleInteriors – The Name For Unique Furniture And HomeWares

Paris French Provincial Buffet/DresserThe modern age of automation makes almost everything occur at the press of a button, so why not the same for the carpenters and the related services? Sounds too wild an idea and a lot of debate can happen over it; but hey, for the time being, showing you how that can happen definitely sounds a better idea.

Unless you are living under a rock, probabilities are you have come across the name Annandale Interiors. What we spoke about initially is something we just made happen; yes, that automation part. It applies especially to jobs that involve customising any custom furniture design – in mind or in existence. Phone button or the email’s ‘send’, you choose the one you find the most convenient.

Now, unless you really want it, you don’t have to take any of our preset designs. We don’t press our customers to choose customizing things that we have already done; you can’t customize them any further, or better. Pick from those you find in interior design or furniture design mags and websites instead, or create one from mind. Let us work on that and make it look better and more appropriate by tenfold.

In other cases, a brainstorming session is usually followed by calling a carpenter in, which again brings a lot of risk about getting done things similar to the inspiration. Wring improvising is deadlier; it makes the total money and materials plus the hours go to absolute waste. Finding good carpenters is easy; the really good are a bit hard to find. Enter Annandale Interiors?—?the name for unique furniture and home-ware.

Annandale Interiors is in contractual agreements with teams of experienced carpenters. There are steep criteria to be fulfilled for that. Building antique look-alikes to modern leather furniture takes expertise and experience besides a count of overall successes over years. As a customer of Annandale Interiors, you get recommendations upon the type and arrangement to suit you the most. They will be from senior carpenters we send over to your home, office – wherever.

Your needs for custom furniture is instantly met by Annandale Interiors. We give you an ‘on-the-spot’ all-inclusive quote, without any hidden cost. No later additions. The only time it will change is when you change the spread and the specs. So will the deadlines.

Annandale Interiors?—?the name for unique French Provincial Dresser furniture and home-ware are for them sensitive about the environment. We also work with faux-wood (synthetic, composite etc.) and bamboo. Our carpenters underwent extensive training before being signed-in and also specialise in other materials including steel, aluminium, iron, nylon, cloth fabric, glass, leather and rubber. But real wood really stands out!

However, no design or combination of materials is impossible, so part-wood part-metal part-composite is also what we do. These become exclusively designed custom furniture built to the exact specs with as much love and care as with real wood.

We are a family-run business, now a little more than three decades of know-how about adding classy touches to internal spaces. We operate from Sydney’s thriving inner-west. Visit our shop to see some of the finest Leather Chairs furniture and home-ware and get more than you expected before walking through the door!


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