Create a Beautiful Living Space with Annandale Interiors Modern Furniture Collection

Dining TablesIf you are anything like my aunt, you might be one who has an itch to redecorate your living room, bedroom, kitchen, or even bathroom every few months. You could also be like my mother, who is the polar opposite of my aunt, who thrives on antiques and never seems to redo any room for YEARS at a time. For those of you who live in or around the Sydney area, there is a little shop down on Parramatta Road that houses some of the finest and unique pieces of furniture in Australia.

What is Annandale Interiors?

Annandale Interiors started collecting their precious treasures back in 1984. They are a family owned business based in Sydney that not only sell furniture and other homeware goods, but they also are specialized in the redecorating process. The staff has an extensive amount of experience, thirty years to be exact, and have stylist on hand to assist you in any new home project that you may choose to jump into.

Annandale’s Special Services

If you are looking for that one piece of furniture to inspire a new project, or if you have been combing every antique shop in Sydney seeking out a certain bookshelf or couch, you really should consider taking a peek in at Annandale’s to check out their rare collections. If you are still undecided, here are some of the services that they specialize in besides just selling modern furniture:

1. Home Visits- They will have one of their staff members come out to study your space and give you recommendations on what modern pieces they find will work best. And what’s also great? The quote is entirely free!

2. Custom Orders- If you know exactly what you want, an expert can assist you in placing a custom order for any custom made or custom designed item.

3. Wedding Registry- Are you a picky bride who knows exactly what you want but doubt your guests will get it right? Annandale Interiors offer wedding gift registry services, and will even help you with what items are best for you.

The Best Reason to Pick Annandale’s

Those are just some of a few great things that the fantastic staff at Annandale’s offer, but let’s not forget their main treasures are their exquisite pieces of rare, modern furniture for you to choose from. From the gorgeous Vienna Extension Dining Table for your eating space to the Glamour Display Cabinet to house your porcelain plates, you can’t go wrong with Annandale Interiors. Even if you are a book snob, you will be guaranteed to find beauty in the choices of Fruitwood Dining Table they have to offer as well. Don’t want to stop by in person? Check them out online.


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