Annandale Interiors Leading Australian Outdoor Furniture Provider

Outdoor FurnitureAnnandale Interiors has been selling furniture for over thirty years. They are family run and have one of the finest selections of furniture and house wares you will ever find in Australia.

According to Australian Business Times, a recent survey revealed that porches, patios and decks were the most beloved places in the home. Well, that’s because Australians love being outdoors. Australians also love socializing outdoors with their friends. And, since they’re innately hospitable, they seek out relaxing outdoor spaces and want to make sure their friends have great places upon which to sit and relax.

Now that it’s warm, it’s time to spruce up that veranda. Not just for your friends, but for family dinners too. Also for the times you want to sit quietly with your spouse and watch the moon quietly rise.

Veranda Furniture


Teak is one of the finest woods for patio furniture. It sustains all weather conditions and is extremely sturdy – you’ll rarely ever see a dent. As well, it’s gorgeous. Moreover, it lasts up to fifty years. Such is why it is makes great outdoor furniture. You have to take good care of teak. Wood absorbs moisture, which leads to rot, mold, and mildew. Simply make sure you clean it well with a soap that is gentle on wood.

Teak pieces Annandale Interiors Offers:

• Fisherman Bench
• Fishermen Dining Table
• Teak Butterfly Table
• Teak Rectangular Fixed Top Table
• Teak King Rectangular Exterior Table
• Teak Madeira folding Arm Chair
• Teak Madeira folding Chair

Cane and Rattan

Rattan is a unique plant that is extremely sustainable and has many uses in furniture making. Cane is part of the rattan plant. It is produced by peeling away the rattan plant’s skin and wrapping it over solid hardwood poles.

Cane and Rattan remain very popular in Australia. They go well with large verandas and small balconies. They also very inviting. One can imagine taking a nap or spending hours reading a book in a cane or rattan chair. Cane and Rattan are also easy to upkeep. To clean, simply wipe them with a soapy cloth and rinse with a hose. Such should keep them maintained for many years. Keeping them covered, however, will preserve them longer.

Rattan and Cane pieces Annandale Interiors Offers:

• New Port Love Seat
• New Port Arm Chair
• Oliver Dining Chair
• Atrium Chair in Natural
• Cane Love Seat
• Atrium White Chair
• Cane Rectangular Table – White
• Cane Single Chair and Round Table – White
• High Back Veranda Chair
• Indiana Foot Stools- White and Natural
• Indiana Outdoor Cane Chairs – White and Natural
• Cane Single Chair
• Longreach Chair in White Wash
Outdoor Rattan Chairs
• Homestead side table – White
• Homestead Coffee Table – White
• Homestead Loveseat- Natural and White
• Homestead Chair – Natural and White

Annandale Interiors would be happy to come to your home and discuss your Veranda Furniture with you and your family and assist with styling. In no time, you could be sitting in your backyard, on your brand new furniture, and just loving your patio.


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